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Fundraiser - Alexian Brothers Foundation - The Journey Home

By erwinmediaTags Medical, hospital, Rick Erwin, erwinmedia.com, Erwin Media, doctor, physician, patient, hospice, Alexian Brothers, Date Added 06/05/2012Views 1842Flag as inappropriate

Length 6:12 Alexian Brothers Foundation fundraising video to support the financing and capital campaign to build and sustain an Alexian Brothers hospice residence.

Rick Erwin. Director of Photography - Creative Director - Video. 312 543-4694 ERWINMEDIA.com. Specializing in concept development and production of HD - high definition videos for marketing, B2B social media clients, producers, Internet web developers and new media clients.

As a creative director and DP, I've made hundreds of film and video programs that range from documentary to corporate comedy, web videos, B2B, B2C, broadcast TV, commercials, executive interviews, customer testimonials, social media marketing, short films, viral marketing, NFP, and education.

My clients include; ABC-TV, CBS-TV, HGTV, MTV, PBS, Allstate, BP British Petroleum, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Northwestern University, and many more.

With over 700 HD projects completed, my goal is to continue building relationships with existing and new clients... making solution based social media marketing and short films that create awareness, reach intended audiences and increase their bottom line.

Owner-operator of high definition HD video camera packages that include; Arri & Lowell light kits, LED light kits, on-board tungsten & LED camera lights, full location audio package with seven wireless systems. and all grip/electric. Designed to handle all Digital Marketing, New Media & Social Media Strategy, Content Development, Multimedia production, Brand Development, Inbound Marketing, Creative Services, Audio / Video, Broadcast Television Production, PR, High concept audio / video production.

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